Welcome back to the 10 years that marked our childhood, when we had fun with nothing, a ball or a doll depending on gender.

80s music puts a 'crazy cheerfulness: you can't sit still when listening to a disco song! The lyrics are beautiful, containing a wide range of themes, just think of I Will Survive or Funky Town.

There was no internet, no cell phones, reality shows, big brothers. To find out the news you had to wait for the news, research was done at the library, and to make a phone call you first had to resort to a very strange machine that converted coins into tokens, and then find a free bond

Be980 is a nostalgic brand, harking back to the ways, colors, and silhouettes of the sneakers you used to peel your knee with while playing in the park with friends or go dancing at the disco

Be980 is made entirely in Italy by craftsmen and with high quality fabrics, to remind us of our origins of the world's best shoe maker

We are Be980 and you want to return to live that era?