Bully is an experience that involves all the senses, an aesthetic journey that begins with the choice of materials. Precious leathers and precious finishes communicate through a single garment, which adapts to the body like a second skin.

The brand was born in 2010 from the idea of ​​satisfying a demand for well-made leather garments , with a fresh design at an affordable price.

Right from the start Bully expressed his predilection for leather, using it in an eclectic way, making it special with innovative treatments that create surface movements, experimenting with each material with profound wisdom and creativity, thanks to the decennial experience of the founding company, MA. GI srl, which has been producing leather clothing since 1968.

Since then the brand has expanded to offer collections mainly in leather, fur and wool but also in eco-fur and other new sustainable materials, to create a complete and feminine wardrobe, infinitely shaping shapes and creating unprecedented volumes, passing from shapes soft and fluid, to more adherent garments able to draw the lines of the body in a sensual way.

Celebrating craftsmanship, attention to detail and the quality of raw materials are at the heart of Bully 's creative endeavour, as is the idea of ​​slowing down and being an antidote to mass-produced fashion. Models are produced in small quantities, each piece is created with a focus on quality and craftsmanship and carries its own history. The result is an authentic product: garments that enhance the wearer's personality, that resist and are made to last a lifetime.

The collections explore this deep appreciation for craftsmanship and are the result of a unique mix of traditional and contemporary culture, crossing the boundaries of creativity, blending art and fashion to shape a contemporary aesthetic. The inspiration comes from the study of femininity, expressed with great simplicity and purity in each garment. The duality between something chic and everyday wear is one of Bully 's main guidelines during the development process of the collections.

Over the years Bully has grown steadily, becoming a point of reference for women on the move, savvy in style, who find expression in the brand's signature garments and iconic lining prints
The Bully woman appreciates quality and craftsmanship and lets herself be attracted by the emotion they arouse. She chooses items that will last her through time, looks for brands in line with her vision of the world and her values, and uses fashion and style as a tool for self-expression.

All creations can be perfectly mixed and matched, regardless of the year and the season, enhancing a new point of view on sustainability that comes from value and respect.

Thus Bully is committed to promoting conscious consumer habits, presenting collections that last over time in both quality and style, to extend the life of each garment and limit the impact our business has on the environment.

We believe that if a garment is designed to perform well, it will, by definition, be beautiful and last over time.

Bully is now a renowned contemporary fashion brand which can be found in select boutiques throughout Italy.