Ours is not just a brand, it is a stage of a long journey that starts from afar. It is 1970, when two Neapolitan boys decide to leave Naples to pursue their American dream and export the idea of ​​distinctive sartorial recognition from their own country to new horizons. A dream that comes from the passion for fashion and becomes more and more real in the streets of the trendiest neighborhoods of the Big Apple: while, in the background, every day, skyscrapers of fabrics and colors, warehouses with iron structures full of manufacturing products resonate in the heart of the city. A journey through which the idea of ​​creating your own brand was born, which has its roots in refinement, quality, but above all in tailoring belonging to their origins; mixing them with an urban concept of living style and thus giving new life to a sartorial street brand. After years of hard work and undisputed experience gained in the field, USA Industries Inc. was born in 1978 with the New York Resident brand. And the journey of those young people continues today, handed down for generations. Vincenzo Cristiano, owner of the Fratelli Cristiano company and today also of the brand, has embodied the passion for this profession, pouring out energy and skills in the field of fashion, passing through a mission that, from a personal dream, has become a dream for everyone. Today New York Resident dresses and contaminates the streets of Europe and the whole world with a new America.