SWORDS 66.44

“There is nothing more serious and more engaging than a child's game. And in this seriousness he is very similar to an artist intent on his work. As an artist, even the child transforms reality, reinvents it, represents it symbolically by reflecting his fantasies and desires. Silvia Veggetti Finzi "In Small Steps"

A passion that has distant origins in time.

Giacomo Zanellati from an early age loved to create imaginative uniforms with scraps of leather for his entire legions of toy soldiers, giving vent to an innate creativity.
And it is from there that Giacomo, second generation in the leather goods art, takes his first steps in MA.GI srl, a family company founded in the 70s with headquarters in Ravenna.

What began as a game moved into the creation of leather garments made for himself and soon, and in a completely natural way, they became topics for the future business with the foundation in 1998 of the SWORD 6.6.44 brand.

The name brings with it a playful and dreamlike side: an implicit reference to the Normandy landing aimed at telling the story of the young designer's "landing" in the world of fashion.
An identity and a very precise philosophy: each garment made has a soul and the personal and expressive element tells, through the manufacturing art, the different moments of life. The know-how combined with the creative instinct translates into a continuous search for natural materials and precious finishes. The perfect fit with a linear design has irreverent notes played on details with a rock attitude as its distinctive element, so recognizable as to become a real state of mind.

Gritty garments with different washes and a vast range of colors ranging from neutral tones to brighter shades, tell the inspiration of that child who played and represented his dreams and fantasies in a rainbow of colors. SWORD 6.6.44 is an excellent witness of the ever changing times and the unstoppable succession of trends.

In the name of a long tradition and a wealth of secrets and manual skills handed down from generation to generation, the brand narrates Made in Italy creativity for authentic garments.

From style to spirit since 2014 the aesthetics of
SWORD 6.6.44 also becomes a social commitment and takes the form of collaboration with La Venenta, the Italian Cooperative that supports single women or women with children, with hardships and difficulties. A selection of the garments produced by SWORD 6.6.44 is painted and customized by hand by the mothers of the Community, who sometimes draw inspiration from the drawings made by their children.
Unique pieces, concrete expression of ideas that have no barriers