Our history

A past rich in the most varied experiences that of Damiano Boiocchi, who begins to take his first steps in the world of work as a photographer. Perceptions, angles, images, captured with brilliant creativity for more than ten years around the world.

In the same period he also devoted himself to Graphic Design, showing a particular if not anomalous aptitude for favoring the extreme simplicity of shapes and characters.

In the first half of the eighties he entered the fashion sector, in which he had already had the opportunity to get noticed previously. This time he arrives under the guidance of Vasco Magnani, his great professional and life master, to whom he feels he is still tied, after a long time. Thus began his climb, going in search of points of sale where he could distribute the clothing lines of the companies represented at the time.

In the Nineties he decided to open his first Fashion Showroom, located in the center of Milan, and with extreme dedication he took care of his space, transforming it into a welcoming and warm environment. Today there are three showrooms and, as then, his work is pure passion and the relationship with the customer is fundamental and based on cordiality.